Virtual Worlds Links Archive

List written by Vervexx for the various Virtual worlds archival communities & enthusiasts.

The structure is a bit random at the moment but it should get better as the list gets updated.

Feel free to add your own links & share this list wherever you please.

Last updated - December 4th 2020


Official site (Down - Wayback machine copy) - English

Cybertown Daily news archive - English

Interview with Pascal Bauder & Blaxxun before the release of Colony City in 1998 - English

3Name3D models - objects (a few avatars/words in the upper folders of the directory) -English - Tons of Cybertown & Blaxxun archives - One of the best sites out there - English

GutterPrincess's 3D Avatars - Massive collection of avatars - English

Virtual identities for virtual travels - avatars and worlds for cybertown - English

LES MONDES DE MERIBASTET- Gaelic & Egyptian avatars - French

BigTim's Avatars (Avatar collection) - English

Jadzia's Images and Avatars (Objects & Avatars) - English

Avatars For blaxxun 3D chat By morgretha (Avatars & Objects) - English

Aloura's Avatars (Various Avatars - Mostly vampire and egyptian themed) - English

Old ''Deities'' Community page - English

Logbook from Popeye's Virtual 3D Cybertown Adventures - English

Anders a.k.a. Spiritman Cybertown page & Wedding - English

Blaxxun / VRML (avatars and a modification of Avatarstudio2) - English

Schizzo - VRML Objects (worlds aren't accessible anymore) - French, Spanish & deutsch

Airport - VRML world - English

Bayly Art Museum - Virtual museum in VRML - English

Vera rose Nowhere Cafe - Vrml art world - French

Puerto Deportivo de Marbella Virtual - VRML world - Spanish

San Miguel de Allende 3D - VRML world - Spanish

Pur3d - Avatars & VRML Worlds for Blaxxun - German

Vopolis Vampire Metropolis - Avatars & VRML Worlds - Mostly vampires/goth - English

Avatar Dungeon (Avatars) - English

Crayoland - VRML world - English

Arkor World - VRML world - French

Kovut Avatars (Sci-fi / celebrity / formal Blaxxun Avatars collection) - English

Massive archive of VRML worlds & Avatars (Standalone & Blaxxun) - French

Bruce Damer's Avatars Blaxxun Pages - History & Reference - English

Chez Côtelette (Various Blaxxun Avatars) - French

Broceliande - Blaxxun Virtual World - French

Comics Avatars - Various comics avatars - files down - English

Note: Files might be available on the wayback machine

CyberLady's Avatar Collection - English - Blaxxun Avatars & Worlds - French

Note : Most worlds are accessible with a regular VRML viewer using a little deducation

For example, to reach the Halloween world, just replace index.html in a link by the appropriate wrl path. would become

A Avatars AMaken's Avatars - Avatars collection for Blaxxun - English

Avatars VRML - Collection of various VRML Avatars for Blaxxun and VRML - French

Rain's Avatars - Blaxxun Avatars - English - Various old Blaxxun worlds & a open-source 3d Modeller - English

Note : Links are directed to the .wrl files directly since all the redirects on the site to the actual worlds are broken

Tonaki's Avatars & Worlds - Avatars for Blaxxun - English

Lucky's VRML Island - VRML World - English

Various Avatars of Jeneca and friends

Virtual Space Center - VRML World - English

Note : Still hosted on this site yet unreachable by normal means

Stargate Worlds for Blaxxun - VRML worlds - English - VRML worlds - English ''Street'' - VRML world - English

Note : This world was more than likely ripped from another site

Frog Temple - VRML world - French/English

Osgan - VRML worlds, objects & Avatars - English - VRML World - English - VRML Worlds - German

Inframonde Participative landscape - For Blaxxun and other VRML viewers - Art experiment - English

Note : Choose VRML for Mac if you use anything else than Blaxxun

Nitemode Blaxxun Worlds - VRML Worlds - English - Various VRML Virtual Worlds for Blaxxun - English - VRML Worlds & avatars for Blaxxun - English

Labo World - VRML world - French

Virtual Paris for Blaxxun - VRML worlds - French

Mextitla - VRML world - Spanish

Monile 1 - VRML world - French - VRML worlds - English - VRML Worlds for Blaxxun - French - Island VRML world - French

David's VRML Stuff - General VRML experiments/textures - English


The V-Learn Track of Avatars '99 - History - English

Saturday, December 4, 1999 - 10:30am to 1:30pm PDT

ZuzuAVs - Avatars for 3D Environments - Avatars and models - English